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Windshield replacement

Windshields are made of a transparent layer of vinyl, sealed between two sheets of glass.

Modern windshields are typically glued with polyurethane adhesive to a metal frame, the windshield pinch weld.

Proper windshield installation is essential for safe driving conditions. Incorrect installation can lead to frame corrosion, resulting in leakage, windshield cracking and interior damage. Do not compromise on safety. You have right to choose the glass shop of your choice.

Windshield repair/Rock chip repair

Special clear adhesive resin is injected under pressure and then cured with ultraviolet light. When done properly, the strength and clarity is sufficiently restored for most safety related purposes. The process is widely used to repair automotive windshields where the damage does not interfere with the view of the driver.

Side Glass Replacement

Side glass on most vehicles is made out of tempered or laminated glass. Tempered glass is produced from normal glass with thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength.

Side Mirrors & Inserts

Mirror Insert is an economical solution to fix a broken mirror if only what is broken is a mirror itself. Mirror insert could be installed instead of broken mirror or over broken or cracked mirror.Full side mirror frame assembly also available.

Window Regulators

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Heavy industrial equipment

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